Most of us have a need to know about our roots.  “Who am I?”, you may ask.  “Where do my ancestors come from and what did they do for a living?” 

Tracing Family History has become more common in recent years and has been made easier with the founding of many internet sites that are now easily accessible.  Many of us however simply do not have the time to devote to the many hours of searching, particularly for that elusive ancestor.  Subscription fees also put many off the idea of researching themselves. Others have little or no computer skills. Perhaps you have started your own research and got stuck in a rut.  This is where Progenies can help.

We offer a range of packages to suit different pockets and requirements:-         

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Probate Research

Around 75% of people die without making a will and, as they seemingly have no heirs, their assets remain unclaimed.  If no kin make a claim then the Estate is granted to the Crown.  It is my job to search out and identify any beneficiaries of the Estate using my genealogical skills, local and national archives and databases to prove their right to the inheritance.  Once the beneficiaries are located I divide the Estate according to the Intestacy/Inheritancy Laws and claim a fee for the work I have done.  Larger estates will inevitably involve the services of a Probate Solicitor. I am also available to locate beneficiaries mentioned in wills on behalf of Solicitors who are pressed for time.