Packages and Prices

Hourly Research Package

Research geared to what you require by the hour for as many hours as you ask for.  This can be a one person search,   a particular family unit or a family tree, whatever you may be interested in finding out about.  Prior to commencement of work I will discuss your requirements with you in detail and ascertain what information you may already have.  If Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates are required these may be ordered at the time of booking the research.

Cost £15/hour            (min 2 hrs)     Certificates £11.00/each


Basic Package

Tracing a single direct family line of ancestors back to 1837 (when registration first began) and presented in a portfolio containing an A4 Family Chart, copy Census information and 3 Certificates.

Cost £175 (includes 3 Certificates @ £11.00)


Standard Package

Tracing both family lines back to 1837 (when registration first began) and presented in a portfolio containing 2 copies of the Family Tree, copy Census information and 5 Certificates.

Cost £320 (includes 5 Certificates @ £11.00)


Superior Package

Tracing of both family lines as far back as records will allow, including all siblings on both sides and presented as a Family Tree (2copies) in a portfolio with supporting information as follows:-

-          Copy of all applicable Census documents

-          Any military/naval information

-          Information on addresses and places where ancestors lived

-          Your ancestors occupations

-          Copy of any Parish Records

-          Copy of any Probate Records

-          7 Certificates        

-          Any other information which may come to light during the research

Cost £650 (includes 7 certificates @£11.00)

Once the research package is agreed, you will be invoiced for £50 deposit, payable on receipt. I will accept personal cheques, PayPal or a payment via internet banking (details will be shown in the invoice). Work will commence once payment has been received and the balance will be invoiced upon completion of the project.

In the case of the Hourly Research Package the minimum 2 hours plus cost of any Certificates (£11/each) will be invoiced prior to work being started, payable on receipt. I will keep you informed as to how the research is going and should you ask for extra hours these will be charged upon completion.

For other research work, as in the case of Solicitors, fees will be agreed for each particular case.